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Hacking the Power Grid: The Effects of a Widespread Blackout

Posted by Scott Spiro on Thursday, 12 May 2016

When it comes to terrorism, attacks against the U.S. power grid rarely make headlines. But with 79 attacks on the U.S. energy grid in 2013 alone (and instances like these occuring every year), Americans need to prepare for a widespread power outage and its potentially catastrophic effects.

The Effects of an Attack on Power

According to a 2015 business report, taking out the U.S. electric grid could cause more than $ 1 trillion in damage.

In an interview with KTLA 5, CSG CEO Scott Sprio outlined some of the devastating effects of a widespread blackout.

Not only would transportation and communication be shut down, but the stock market would also come to a standstill. With no way to refrigerate food, a blackout could create a food shortage and widespread panic. 

Safeguarding Against a Power Outage


With cyberattacks increasing in frequency, sophistication and severity, the U.S. needs to stay ahead of a lights-out scenario of this caliber. 

While sectors like the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power have taken precautions by installing monitoring systems and antivirus protections, there is no ironclad defense against an attack like this.

Scott says citizens must stay vigilant and be sure to speak up and notify authorities if they see something.

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